Oreos or Bacon?

Hi Peeps!

Fun newish concept to share with you =)

So have you had these delectable donuts yet? These insane sweets are off the heezy. Forget the glazed, the powdered, the pathetic. These pups are made to order, warm, with custom toppings! This is the right way to donut!

The first place we discovered is called Desert Donuts. So basically, once you pull yourself together from staring and drooling everywhere, you go up to the cashier and figure out what you want. After about a half hour of indecision, you order, change your order, and eventually, your donuts get made, then they start dipping and sprinkling them with goodness.

Here’s what we came up with.

Fluffernutter, The Carlton x2, Plain, Death By Chocolate x2, Bavarian Cream

The Fluffernutter is marshmallow cream and a peanut butter drizzle. The Carlton is mind-blowing. See the description below. And Death by Chocolate is super worth it!

The Carlton: Oowee gooey apple pie filling, maple, bacon, and crushed pecans


I love you..

~~I’m the Breakfast Bowl. I’m a donut, topped with eggs, bacon, and cheese. Mmmhhmm.

A friend later referred us to another spot located at the Westgate called Fractured Prune Doughnuts.



The Black Forest…
Mmm Bacon..

Black Forest (Raspberry Cream, Chocolate Chips), Cookies and Cream (Oreo!!!) and Maple Bacon

Oreo+Donut=Got Coffee?

Although its right next to the Theater, they DO NOT let you bring them in. Even if you bought a tub of popcorn and several gallons of soda. Unless of course you bring your oversized purse with you and stuff the box in there! Hehe!

Not sure what my favorite is. Black Forest. No. The Carlton. No, Fluffernutter! NO! The S’mores! ~ I don’t know they are all very good. So good I can’t believe it. I crave these darn things. Check out these guys, they’re fun, creative, and so good!

The Fractured Prune 9390 W Hanna Ln Ste. B 101, Glendale, AZ  http://www.fracturedprune.com

 Desert Donut 3134 W Carefree Hwy, Ste A-10, Phoenix, AZ desertdonuts.com


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