Toms Breakfast Magic: A Recipe!

Doing something different today. Why? Well because. I am new to this. I wanted to upload something every week, but its been two since the last one. I am learning to forgive the interruptions. Inspiration comes and goes. You have bad days. Sick days too. Work. Kids. You get it, right!? Things you REALLY want to do take dedication, time, and sometimes a reboot. Sometimes you gotta cry it out! Regardless, Witty Tidbits is still rolling right along and there’s a lot we are working on! We are planning on doing a highlight of our favorite Surprise restaurants and a couple other spots we’ve discovered around the valley. We’d love to know your favorites! Is there a restaurant or place we should highlight?

** There may even be an against-all-diets but never-regrettin-it dessert shop that you may never have heard of but NEED to coming up! So stoked to share it with everyone!

For today though, I’m doing something super different and not sure if it’ll be a regular thing, but it’s something worthy of WhittyTidbits! If you know my hubby, Tom, you may know he’s a wizard in the kitchen. He can literally make a meal for 10 people 10 minutes with 4 ingredients. No idea how he does it. This morning he’s cooking breakfast and after a few moments of sizzling, I smell the most wonderful smell ever. I think I even said “That’s the most wonderful smell ever!” It drew me out of my seat!

Witness the master at work…


Ugh, sorry, it’s grainier than a ufo sighting.

This was the result…


Dont’ know if you heard the harps and angels singing as I did.

So here’s a recipe for the most mind blowing breakfast ever. Its easy, cheap, fast, and tried and true!

Toms Sweet Potato Beet Hash!

  • 1 TBSP bacon fat, or butter
  • 1TBSP coconut oil, or cooking oil
  • 1lb Ground Beef (we used grass fed, Sprouts usually has a good special on it 5.99/lb)
  • 2 Sweet potatoes, diced
  • 3 Beets, diced (used trader joe’s, they’re ready to go)
  • Oregano, aprox. 1 tsp
  • Sea Salt, pepper to taste
  • 6 Eggs (more or less, depending on how many you want)
  • sprinkle Cheddar cheese
  • Hot sauce (used Arizona Pepper’s Organic Harvest Foods, Chipotle Habanero Pepper Sauce)


Saute beef in small saute pan while cooking sweet potatoes. In large skillet, saute sweet potatoes in bacon fat and coconut oil on medium heat.  Add spices (oregano, sea salt, pepper.) Once cooked through, add beets, turn heat to med high and crisp potatoes. Stir in cooked beef and turn to low heat. In the pan used for cooking beef, cook eggs as desired. (Shouldn’t need extra butter so don’t wipe out pan). Divide meat mixture onto plates, top with eggs. Add cheese and hot sauce. Eat. This served 3 of us and was a hefty portion and zero left over.

I highly recommend this hot sauce. Its so good, and made right here in Az!! It’s called Arizona Pepper’s Organic Harvest Foods. Gluten free too! This is two of their flavors. This post could have been all about this hot sauce, so there, it’s not so off track after all! 🙂

Our house favorite hot sauce.

And a little tip from the pro. Cook eggs two at a time. He says it makes them better and is easier to cook them.

ps, hopefully one day I’ll figure out how to make a proper “recipe card” where you can print and whatnot. Like I said, I’m learning! Lo siento!

Well I hope you try and love this recipe! Thanks for stopping by!

Love, Tom and Jessica Whitty ❤


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